"The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires."


"You have listened to me with compassion...

"I have really learned a lot about myself with you, Ambreen. You have given me the opportunity to look closely at myself, my family, my role and my relationships within the family as well as my role beyond my family and gain a new light. You have listened to me with compassion and with a passion to help me. Thank you. This has been very helpful."


"She shakes up the universe and makes extraordinary things happen...

"Fantastic Ambreen! The best–with whom I have been getting the results I have always wanted and the best is yet to come. She shakes up the universe and makes extraordinary things happen. Thanks Ambreen!"


"Her work is very powerful...She brought me home to myself

Ambreen has a true gift of helping one connect with their soul. I met Ambreen at a point in my life where I was very lost. I was operating from the mind and she gently helped me get in touch with my soul. She brought me home to myself. She is gentle, patient, and very understanding. I have learned so much about myself in this process. Her work is very powerful and it has made a huge impact on my life.


"Absolute confidentiality made me feel safe...

I would like to express my gratitude for Ambreen's incredible approach to her work.

She manages a delicate balance of exhibiting professionalism while making you feel like an old friend. Her absolute confidentiality made me feel safe and ready to express deep emotion. 

It is also reassuring that she allows you to set the pace of the session. When I came to her I was experiencing a lot of emerging past pain. I was feeling quite lost and she led me inside to discover how to manage and bring back certain aspects of myself that I had stored away.

Her method of being in the moment and pulling out the tools she is guided to use makes the organic process very authentic.

I don’t believe this is the last time Ambreen and I will meet.



"The work done has been both result oriented and effective...

This is my personal thank you note to Ambreen.

Ambreen and I started navigating through the stormy sea of human emotions and stories almost two years ago.

Now we are in 2020 and the work done with her has been both result-oriented and effective to the point that I became aware of my old self and shed it to become a new self, more confident and thirstier with that journey called life.

Even if the ship of my life is occasionally rocked by strong waves, the main structure holds up to the storm, keeps leaping forward without looking back and becomes more and more resilient. 

​I couldn't have done it without you Ambreen. Thanks for supporting and inspiring me.


"I was able to unlock and release traumas held since childhood...

Prior to seeing Ambreen, I had been depressed for a long time - without realizing it. I was also very angry and yet didn't know how to express that anger. 

With Ambreen's help, I was able to unlock and release traumas I had held since my childhood, including something I had never shared with anyone. 

Over a period of 6 months, meeting with Ambreen weekly helped me tremendously with my healing and with exploring and getting to know my Family Constellation. 

She has the ability to go deep within and has a kind and compassionate soul. 

If you are looking to heal past trauma, I would recommend her services in a heartbeat!

Andrew F.

"I have been able to release a lot of pent up trauma and emotional wounds...

When I decided to see Ambreen, I was experiencing the mental and physical exhaustion that comes with chronic stress and I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt a lot of rage, isolation and pain from a fraught past and years of tense relationships with loved ones.

I best remember feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, anxious and depressed because I had long been stuck in survival mode, which had me reacting rather than responding. Until I began unpacking my past, I did not understand that my coping mechanism was to dissociate and check out emotionally. Through my work with Ambreen, I learned how to stay more present and actually work things through.

I have been able to release a lot of pent up trauma and emotional wounds, which has helped me establish and maintain a more balanced state (both inwardly and outwardly).

I was attracted to Ambreen as a counsellor because of her warmth, as well as her approachable and down-to-earth style. She truly is an amazing human being.

I discovered Ambreen‘s counselling services in 2018 and learned how to better view things through the lens of others, to be more compassionate with myself and others, and to better manage my emotions.

After about a year of work, I felt a lot lighter emotionally and psychologically. I feel more balanced and continue my healing journey with great enthusiasm.


"I recommend Ambreen to anyone who truly wants to change...

I met Ambreen at a point in my life when I was going through so much pain and suffering. I wasn’t happy in any aspect of my life. My mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual states were all extremely negative. My relationships with family members and others wasn’t healthy at all. I was having issues with everyone including myself.

The work I did with Ambreen has been rewarding and healing. I truly believe in her work because I have literally witnessed the results of this process play out right in front on me. I was in pure state of agony, and now after 6 months of work with Ambreen I am able to show up for myself and take care of my own needs.

I went from worrying how to talk with my parents to having a relationship and talking to them almost everyday. Everyday my relationship with my mom and dad is improving for the better. I didn’t grow up with my parents and they’re still far away from me. It’s amazing to see how through this work I am on a path of rebuilding my relationships with my parents. Not only parents, but also my brothers and sisters.

I have also witnessed how this work has opened up new good things for my family members too.

If you’re longing to heal your wounds and grow for the better then this work is for you. However, this is not for everybody. This work takes courage and inner strength. This is deep work and you must work for it. You will discover many truths about yourself and it won’t be pretty.

Healing is a very non-linear and messy and complicated journey, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it.

My awareness to listen to my body and connect to my inner voice (heart) is improving daily. I wasn’t aware of this before meeting Ambreen. I recommend her for anyone who truly wants to change.


I felt comfortable with (Ambreen's) empathetic and nurturing aura...

I decided to see Ambreen since I was experiencing some hurt feelings and blocks in love due to my childhood physical and mental abuse from my mother and especially from my estranged father.​

I remember feeling a mix of worry, anxiety and depression about my extended family's story and uncovering the negative emotions I had towards my parents. 

I was able to work through my "Mother Wound" in respect to her criticism and seeking approval.

I had met Ambreen at a previous meditation group and felt comfortable with her empathetic nature and her nurturing aura. I felt safe that my perspective would be respected and her feedback positive or negative would be coming from a "good place". ​

And discovering that she was a local practitioner offering this unique healing service including a therapeutic process, in  a community amongst other empaths/light-workers looking for healing and also a safe space to share and learn from others’ family insights was great.


"I recommend Nur Ambreen, without hesitation...in her, you will find an exceptional guide and companion to support you on your journey. 
After being hit with an unexpectedly strong bout of depression in mid-life - for apparently no obvious reason - I knew I wanted to examine this with a therapist.  But I hesitated, as much therapy is talk-talk-talk, skirting around the edges, focussing on behaviour, taking forever, often not getting to the heart of the matter.  I wanted to get to the bottom of things, not float around up-top.
A friend recommended Nur Ambreen. He assured me this was no regular ‘talk-therapy.’  I was intrigued: something was different with him, for sure.
Nur Ambreen’s unorthodox approach, with her 2-hour sessions and longer-term commitments, demonstrate she understands something so many therapists do not.  The standard “50 minute hour” in the therapy world seems, comparatively, lame.  How much can you really get into in 50 minutes? 
She is one of the rare therapists who is trained in the “Systemic Family Constellation” approach, developed by the visionary therapist / philosopher Bert Hellinger.  I had not come across anything like this before.  It was like travelling to a new place I had never seen.  With Ambreen, I was able to access and heal parts of my self, my history and trauma in a different way.  Major family issues surfaced - deeply buried anger, confusion and chaos - which I was able to transform into love and acceptance.  For me, this is remarkable.  
I stand today as someone with a fundamentally different perspective of myself, my family and my place in the world.  I feel a sense of connectedness, light and love instead of this vague, low-level feeling of anxiety and separateness.  Of course, I still have problems and crappy days.  But the foundation is different.  I have re-connected with my Soul.  
Something to consider: Nur Ambreen will meet you where you are at.  She has the tools to go as far as only you are willing to go. She - nor anyone else - will not “heal you.”  Only you have the capacity to heal yourself.  Yet in her, you will find an exceptional guide and companion to support you on your journey. 
Ian Ayers Kooman. 
"I wanted to say a Huge Thank You to Ambreen. Ever since I started to work with Ambreen my life and my experiences have transformed immensely in a positive way only.
The amount of self confidence, self esteem, self respect, and self love is enormous and even more beautiful is that it comes from you, it comes from within yourself.
Ambreen helped me to get in touch with my own self, my spirit, and my own happiness. 
With Ambreen’s help I have learned to be myself again, to be true feminine and enjoy the beauty of everyday life. 
Ambreen’s approach to heal and connect with your inner self is literally making a miracle in one’s life. I must admit as much resistance I had against Family Constellations it made a significant difference in my relationships, especially close family relationships (mother and father).  
Constant inner work combined with Ambreen’s techniques healed my relationship with my mother to the point where we became almost best friends.
I am in complete WOW. 
My life has become my treasure box and I do enjoy it much more nowadays. 
The amount of self confidence, self esteem, self respect, and self love is enormous and even more beautiful is that it comes from you, it comes from within yourself.

I don't look any more into other people to make me happy, to make me smile, to make me travel with. I do all these by myself, and I am happier than ever.
So, please do not wait, make an appointment and call Ambreen to get a free and complimentary assessment and start with healing. It works wonders!!!
Thank you Ambreen
Mirjana Spanovic.

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