Lasting Transformation Lies Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy

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 You've done it all...

 checked all the boxes, moulded yourself according to external expectations, done all you know how to support the people in your life, but still find yourself feeling unappreciated, unsupported, and unloved. Our work together will help you claim your true self, love yourself, and experience real happiness deep within yourself.

 Free yourself from the wounds and conditioning of your past, the anger, sadness, anxiety, overwhelm of hurtful frustrating relationships within your family system; feeling lost, empty or stuck in life due to unconscious entanglements with ancestral legacies. 

Come home to the treasure of your soul's essence. 

 Unveil the love that’s in you to live, give, and receive.

If You have Lost Your Sense of Self, Belonging and Inner Peace:


  • Reclaim who you are at your core and re-discover your purpose and passion.
  • Free yourself from anxiety, deep sadness, anger, confusion, and negative self-talk from the invisible wounds that keep you stuck.
  • Find peace with who you are and develop the confidence to live more authentically.
  • Move beyond the characteristics, labels and expectations others have assigned to you.
  • Put an end to your pain and dissolve your inner blocks.
  • Influence your relationships and environment by harnessing your deep soul wisdom, connecting¬†you to the Infinite.
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Soul to Soul Therapy

Hello I‚Äôm ‚ÄėNur‚Äô Ambreen

Your Soul Guide, experienced therapist, teacher and spiritual healer with over 30 years of experience working with individuals and groups from teenagers to corporate executives in Canada and internationally.

While I have extensive experience working with women in healing deeply held traumas and resolving current life challenges at their root, I realize working with couples that men are often silent about their pain and deeply affected by invisible wounds which impact their significant relationships.

I now specialize in helping men and women who have achieved success in the world and seem to "have it all" by external standards, but still feel alone, unloved and deeply disappointed by the lack of close connection in their important relationships. 

Like you, my clients have been putting themselves last in their own lives in order to meet the increasing demands of work, family and intimate relationships. Yet, still find themselves feeling unworthy, unsupported, unappreciated and disconnected, even from themselves.

Experience has taught me that while helpful, the traditional therapy model can only get you so far. My work with clients goes much deeper to resolve issues at their roots, once and for all. My soul-centered approach gets to the core of issues and enables my clients to finally free themselves from staying stuck in the pain of their past, the disturbing memories and repetitive thought loops which have kept them feeling disillusioned, depleted, even defeated.

As a result, my clients are able to dig themselves out of layers of childhood conditioning, judgements and labels laid on by others, their own misunderstandings about themselves, coping mechanisms and defences which only aggravate their pain... to discover and claim their soul essence and its unique beauty and move forward to live their lives with with inner stability, strength and deep peace.

So, while I bring years of professional expertise and experience to my work, I see myself as your Soul's Companion, guided by the Infinite in helping you release the painful emotions, false beliefs and relationship troubles which have held you back in life, illuminating your path as you journey back to your essential self and the One.


Soul to Soul Philosophy 


Unveil the love that’s in you to live, give, and receive.

The external world which we live in and focus on so intensely is like the desert. 

We are walking, thirsty yet distracted through the endless sands, seeking the oasis with running streams of fresh water which will nourish and satisfy us. No matter how hard we try, we are often left anxious, overwhelmed and lonely. 

We have been conditioned to look outside ourselves to the external world and people around us for safety, security, acceptance amd belonging. In truth, the love, happiness and fulfillment we seek lie in our inner landscape, like buried treasure in the oasis of our soul. 

Travelling within, we are able to rest, reflect and remember ourselves, our singular beauty and hidden treasures. The unique inner world of our soul, connected to the Infinite, comes into focus in the garden of the soul within us. Here, our yearnings for love, happiness and fulfillment are met. Here, we receive unfailing guidance on our life journey.

We are able to realize heaven on earth when we connect with our soul's essence and its connection to the Infinite Source of Power and Guidance.

The synergy of Soul to Soul Counselling allows you to deep dive into yourself and uncover the depths of your singular soul’s light so you may live, lead and love with deep clarity, calm and confidence.

The synergy of Soul to Soul therapy allows you to deep dive into yourself and uncover the
depths of your singular soul’s light connected to the Source. 

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Ambreen's warm and empathic presence lays the groundwork for powerful exploration of your deeper self.

Ambreen has helped me navigate challenging and painful dynamics in my personal life through individual counselling, and in my marriage through the couples work that she offers. Since working with Ambreen I am feeling stronger, more confident, and more connected to my authentic self than when I began my work with her. 

Thank you Ambreen!

E. Curran

I recommend Nur Ambreen, without her, you will find an exceptional guide and companion to support you on your journey.

Nur Ambreen‚Äôs unorthodox approach, with her 2-hour sessions and longer-term commitments, demonstrate she understands something so many therapists do not. The standard ‚Äú50 minute hour‚ÄĚ in the therapy world seems, comparatively, lame.¬†

With Ambreen, I was able to access and heal parts of my self, my history and trauma in a different way. 

I stand today as someone with a fundamentally different perspective of myself, my family and my place in the world. I feel a sense of connectedness, light and love instead of this vague, low-level feeling of anxiety and separateness. Of course, I still have problems and crappy days. But the foundation is different. I have re-connected with my Soul.  

Ian Ayers Kooman

My work with Ambreen has been transformative to say the least. I was looking for a counsellor who is a woman of colour with a spiritual approach and the appropriate professional credentials and found the perfect guide!

Ambreen’s holistic and soul-centred approach with deep professional counselling experience was just what I needed. Her two hour sessions give us enough time to do deep dives. Ambreen is helping me centre myself and embrace my unique path and heal from various traumas. At the same time, she’s lighthearted and fun to work with, often sharing her own trials and tribulations.

It’s been a blessing to work with Ambreen and I highly recommend working with her.

G. Y.

Your Soulful Journey Begins Here 



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We will discuss:

1. Your current struggles, problems, or obstacles which have brought you here. 

2. What you would like to achieve in yourself and your life through our work together;  whether you are ready and committed to  yourself and resolving your problems once and for all.

 3. How I can help you realize your goals, wants and needs, so you can live free from the invisible wounds and past traumas which have kept you stuck for too long.

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 Whether you want to resolve: 

1. A specific issue in the area of intimate relationships, family, work, finances or even physical health.

2. Longstanding issues and traumas keeping you stuck in life.

3. Deep dive into self discovery, self reclamation and self actualization--resolving old wounds and current blocks along the way.  

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 Remember, Rediscover Reclaim
Your Essential Self

We work together and:

Guided by the Infinite we help you (re)learn how to live your life filled with your unique purpose, loving relationships, and deep fulfillment.

Build trust with yourself and live in communion with your Inner Guidance and Source.

Create a life in which you lead, live and love from your soul essence and express yourself authentically and congruently in the world.

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Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. 

It doesn't matter.

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times.

Come, yet again, come, come. 


Rumi, His Sufi Path of Love (2007)

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