Allow Love to Flow Through Your Ancestral Lineage. 

Family Constellations Guides You

Unlock what's been holding you back subconsciously 

Gain insight into what's been blocking you from moving forward in your life. 

Resolve childhood pain and trauma permanently 

Resolve long standing issues and heal on a soul level.

Claim the rich legacy of your ancestral lineage

Come to peace with your family and heal your family story for future generations. 

Discover How Family Constellations Can Help You

What Is Family Constellations Work?

Family Constellations Is a soul based approach to healing inherited trauma and negative life patterns that we carry both consciously and unconsciously and which limit us from living our unique soul mission and fulfilled life. 

Constellation work empowers individual healing and the healing of past and future generations. 

When we do this profound work, we are also making an enormous contribution to our families and society as a whole.

It releases the fate of our parents and ancestors, alive or deceased, back to them. 

Most importantly, It also frees our children and subsequent generations from carrying burdens which do not belong to them.


What is a Genogram? 

When we work together we will create your personal genogram. A Genogram is a pictorial representation of an individual’s family tree which provides ancestral information beyond genealogy and is used widely in the mental and physical health fields. Your genogram gives us information about your family dynamics and relationships at least three generations back. 

With this new insight into your family history we often discover inherited traumas based on family loyalties which are the root of issues that have been challenging you. 

We all carry a picture of our family inside us based on our subjective and therefore, limited perspective. This personal viewpoint is naturally frozen in time and usually inflexible. Individual perspective is the reason why even siblings often have diametrically opposed views of a particular family experience or trauma such as a death, parents’ divorce or major change in health, work or family finances.

In addition, we often carry the unresolved traumas of our parents and ancestors potentially up to seven generations back. This often shows up as confusion about our own lives. A common example of this is  “blind love” and loyalty to our parents when we unconsciously take on their unresolved issues and refuse to do better than them in life-- never becoming more successful than they were perhaps, repeating toxic patterns in relationships, even choosing a profession that doesn’t suit us but is “in our blood”. 

When you draw a soul guided, three generation Genogram of your family, you will likely discover a new and enlightening perspective on your genealogy and have the opportunity to heal unhealthy emotional, relational and behavioural issues handed down through your family tree.

The genogram provides a gentle and evocative way of exploring your family tree from its “roots to branches” like never before. Awaken the seeker, detective and healer in you. Allow your soul to guide you to insights and understandings which will transform you and your life.


Where Did Family Constellations Originate? 

Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist (1925-2019) created a revolutionary process of recognizing hidden family loyalties which may unconsciously compel us to carry the traumas of our ancestors.

He discovered that by working with the Spirit and Mind together, we can release multi-generational  patterns of unhealthy behaviours and inherited trauma, while  honouring our ancestors, grandparents, and parents for the gift of life that has come to us, through them.

Family Constellations is a deeply transformative spiritual philosophy and process supported by the latest epigenetic research. Recent findings in cell biology, neuroscience and developmental psychology confirm that as individuals we inherit the unresolved life challenges and traumas of our ancestors from three to seven generations back.


Discover Your Ancestral Legacy

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