The Alchemy of Love:

Family Constellation Virtual Weekend Retreat

Join Nur Ambreen for a Transformative Journey to Heal and Strengthen Your Relationships

Discover the Power of Family Constellations


Unlock the profound healing potential of Family Constellations in our 'Alchemy of Love' virtual retreat. Guided by experienced teacher therapist, spiritual healer, Nur Ambreen, this transformative weekend retreat offers a unique opportunity to heal and strengthen your relationships by addressing deep-rooted family entanglements. Whether you're seeking personal growth, emotional balance, or a deeper connection with loved ones, this retreat provides powerful insights and lasting change.

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Family Constellations Virtual Weekend Retreat All Access Pass


 Package Includes:

  • Two full weekend days of Family Constellations virtual retreat sessions
  • A bonus 3-hour deep dive into the philosophy and history of Family Constellations
  • One 45-minute private consultation with Nur Ambreen, our esteemed and experienced retreat host.
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Family Constellations Virtual Weekend Retreat: You + One Guest Special

 $750 (Save $250)

Invite a guest to join you at our Family Constellations Virtual Retreat and save $200 with this exclusive offer. Together, you will delve into the healing practices of Family Constellations, guided by our expert team. Enjoy the immersive, virtual weekend sessions, benefit from individual consultations, and deepen your understanding with our comprehensive digital materials. This package is an ideal way to share the journey of self-discovery and healing with someone special.

All sessions and bonuses are included for both participants.

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Family Constellations Virtual Weekend Retreat: You + Two Guests Special

 $994 (save$497)

Experience a transformative journey at our Family Constellations Virtual Retreat with two friends or family members and enjoy a significant saving. This special buy 2, get 1 free offer allows three of you to explore the depths of family dynamics and personal growth for the price of two. Engage in comprehensive, virtual sessions, gain personalized insights during private consultations, and continue your journey with our exclusive digital resources. Transform together and foster deeper connections within your own family constellation.

All sessions and bonuses are included for all three participants.

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What you will experience


  • Two full weekend days of immersive virtual retreat sessions.

  • A 3-hour deep dive into the philosophy and history of Family Constellations.

  • BONUS: One 45-minute private consultation with Nur

    Limited to 20 participants. Secure your spot today!

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Soul Sanctuary: Come Home to Deep Peace, Love and Freedom Inside You

Here is our free Masterclass to let you have a glimpse of the upcoming Family Constellation Retreat.

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Unlock Life-Changing Benefits

Number 1

Connect with Your Soul Guidance  

Experience inner stability, strength, and comfort. Relax and gain the freedom to be authentically yourself.

Number 2

Trust the Wisdom of Your Body

Learn to trust yourself and connect to the light of your own intelligence. Gain and strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.

Number 3

Connect with Your Family Roots

Reconnect with your nuclear family and ancestral lineage. Realize you are not alone - you belong.

Number 4

Gain Life-Changing Perspectives

Explore Hellinger’s 'Orders of Love' and gain new perspectives on how relationships work. Open to new possibilities as you get to the source of your issue.

Number 5

Discover Your Significant Place

Experience deep shifts in yourself as you support others and form deep bonds of community. Gain insights into your life and relationships just by participating in the circle.

Number 6

Find the Source of Relationship Issues

Reconcile life challenges and free yourself from the past. Feel love flowing naturally in you and your relationships. Experience renewed energy and excitement in life

Number 7

Establish Strong Community Bonds

 Connect with a likeminded community who will support and share your explorations. Enjoy belonging to a community with sincere connections and contribution.

Please Note this workshop with all offers and bonuses is open to the first 20 participants only! I work with a small group of people ready for transformation in order to give you each my best!

Join us and transform your relationships today!

Retreat Details & Exclusive Bonuses

Pre-Retreat Bonus

Foundations of Connection: Exclusive Deep Dive into Family Constellations Virtual Session

(Value: $97)

Enhance your retreat experience with our complimentary deep-dive virtual session, "Foundations of Connection." This three-hour journey on Friday delves into the heart of Family Constellations' philosophy and history, providing a profound understanding of the guiding principles behind our work. Designed to enrich your weekend experience, this session lays the groundwork for a transformative retreat, allowing you to explore the core concepts and methodologies in depth. 

Date & Time: Friday, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (3 hours)

This session is free when you register for the retreat!


Virtual Retreat Sessions: Saturday/Sunday

Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
(8 hours with lunch break)

Your journey begins.

Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (8 hours with lunch break)

Your journey continues as we move even deeper into potent and powerful experiences that unveil and strengthen your soul connection and reconcile your concerns.

 Bonus #1

45-Minute Private Consultation with Nur Ambreen
(Value: $300)

  • Create a clear vision of your goals and wishes for yourself
  • Uncover any hidden challenges sabotaging your growth 
  • Leave you feeling renewed, reenergized and reinspired with your plan of action.

You can live your life free from the burdens of the past and discover the resources within you which allow you to live your life and soul’s mission with peace, joy and love abounding so that your “cup runneth over” onto all who are privileged to know you.

Let Your Soul Shine

Reconnect with your truth and transform your relationships. If you're tired of endless talk therapy and other methods with no real results, or if life feels like an uphill battle, this retreat is for you. Discover a deeper, more fulfilling way to heal and grow.

Meet Your Virtual Retreat Host - Nur Ambreen


Nur Ambreen Ihsanullah is a relationship and family expert with over 30 years of professional training and experience. She has guided individuals, couples, and families around the world, helping them uncover and address the root causes that block deep, intimate, and lasting relationships.


No matter how you see yourself, what you have been through or are currently experiencing, Nur understands the complexities of being a multi-faceted human in a world that often leads us away from our soul’s truth. Her clients call her their guiding light, illuminating the path back to their soul, helping them reconnect with their true essence, and live in infinite love.

Discover the transformative power of Family Constellations at our 'Alchemy of Love' virtual retreat. Experience profound healing and personal growth under the expert guidance of  Nur Ambreen. Resolve your most pressing relationship issues and achieve inner calm, clarity, and contentment deep in your soul.

Real Stories from Real People!

Nur was great. Great webinar. Lots of learning.
- Marie


Always a delight. I am so grateful. Thank you for putting this together. Looking forward to the weekend! :)


It was great — not sure what to suggest for improvement, I really enjoyed.

I experienced the beginning of attempting to understand myself and being faced with truths (beautiful and ugly). Thank you for placing that mirror in front of me.
- A.H.

Embrace Transformation Throughout the Year

Discover the transformative power of connection at our Family Constellations Virtual Retreats, offered across four unique seasons. While each virtual retreat follows a consistent structure to guide your journey, the dynamic nature of group interactions and personal growth ensures no two experiences are the same. Dive into the depths of self-discovery and healing, and see how different times of the year reflect and enhance your journey. Whether you choose one retreat or join us for all four, each session promises a distinctive experience shaped by the attendees and your current life phase. Embrace the opportunity to grow and evolve throughout the year with us.

Illuminate Your Path in the Light of Summer

July 26-28, 2024

Embrace the longest days of the year to illuminate your family constellation. This summer virtual retreat focuses on clarity, joy, and connection, allowing you to bask in the warmth of community and sunlight, fostering deep insights and stronger bonds.

Register for Summer Here

Harvest Insights and Balance

September 20-22

As the equinox balances the day and night hours, find equilibrium in your own life. This virtual retreat encourages reflection on the year's journey, helping you harvest insights and prepare for the introspection of winter, all within the supportive embrace of our constellation community.

Register for Autumn Here

A Journey Through Seasons with Nur Ambreen

Register for all four virtual retreats and receive $100 off at checkout. Plus, deepen your transformation with an exclusive bonus - a 2-hour private counselling session with Nur Ambreen, our esteemed facilitator and licensed therapist. This 120-minute session, valued at $1,000, enriches your experience, offering personalized guidance and insights to integrate your journey across the seasons. Embrace this unique opportunity to walk your path of transformation with continuity and depth, witnessing your story unfolding through each retreat.

Register for a Year of Transformation Here

Embrace Reflection and Renewal

December 20-22

In the quietude of winter, this virtual retreat offers a sacred space to reflect on the past year and plant seeds for the next. Amidst the shortest days, find light in the darkness, uncovering inner truths and pathways for renewal in the heart of your family constellation.

Register for Winter Here

Spring into Renewal and Growth

March 2025

As nature reawakens, so does the potential for personal transformation. This virtual retreat offers a space to shed winter's introspection and bloom into new beginnings. Harness the energy of spring to rejuvenate your spirit and family dynamics.

Register for Spring Here

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