Soul to Soul Therapy

Real Love and Happiness Await Inside You. 

Up until now you’ve been walking through the desert.

You’ve done the best you can on your own. 

You’ve learned lessons from those who raised you, from the people around you, and life itself. 

You’ve sacrificed ; you’ve made changes, adapted and complied; you've strived to be the best person you can be.

And yet, you still feel under-appreciated, under-respected, un-loved, and un-happy.

Soul to Soul Counselling is the safe haven you've been searching for which will help you discover and live from the unique soul oasis within you.

Our sessions are your time to rest, nourish your soul, and find respite by turning your attention within to heal invisible wounds, practice how to feel and manage your emotions, and step into a restored and rejuvenated version of yourself.

And when you do this inner work with your Soul - you’ll be amazed by the changes that occur in those around you and your life as a whole.

Together we will journey through a process of transformation


Awareness: You will learn how to tune into your mind, body, and emotions and be present in the moment so you can be aware of what is really happening in your life. Many men have learned to repress these sensations and as a result they are presenting themselves with a false-reality. With awareness comes a whole new, embodied perspective.


Attunement: You will learn how to feel feelings and recognize the deeper nuances of what is going on under the surface when you are stressed, anxious, angry or upset.  You will likely find that there are very real reasons you feel the way you do and when you understand these reasons we can work consciously to validate what is true and  resolve what has stopped serving you.


Appreciate: You will learn how to appreciate every part of yourself that is there to help you survive and thrive! There may be parts of you that you're afraid of, that you’re ashamed of, or have other negative feelings toward. You may have had experiences that you feel confused, angry or guilty about. Now that you understand and shift what is going on underneath the surface of your life, you’ll be more able to accept and love yourself just as you are.


Acceptance: You will learn to let go of the image of how you believe things are “supposed to be” and accept what is real. As a result you will not feel the need to suppress and repress your thoughts and feelings (which always come back to bite you anyway!). There is deep peace and strength in accepting what is, exactly as it is.


Align: You will learn how to respond to happenings in your life while staying in alignment with your new realizations, perspectives and acceptance of yourself. As a result you will begin to respond differently to those around you and in turn they will respond differently to you. Your work, family, and relationships will make huge positive shifts (along with other smaller shifts that have already occurred along your journey).




How long we work together is up to you. 

I have a few different packages available and some clients like to “test the waters” with a short-term engagement and then end up staying with me for several years to dive deeper and free themselves as fully as possible from the entanglements of their past .Others are ready to dive in head first and do the inner work to transform their lives for the better, once and for all.

Regardless of which package you choose 3, 6 or 9 months, know that with each session you will feel better and better. The biggest difference is how many aspects of your life we will be able to focus on with the time we have.

All packages include weekly, 2-hour sessions delivered virtually through Zoom.

Payment plans are available for affordability. 
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3 Months Quick Start Towards Transformation

22 Hours / $6,997

Resolve a long standing issue. This package helps you get to the root of your challenges and supports you in freeing yourself from the pain of the past. 

Align with your soul essence connected to the Source of deep guidance, growing inner peace and self love.

*used within 3 months for deeper inner work on multiple issues.

6 months of Ongoing Deep Transformation

40 Hours / $12,997

Heal deep wounds and unconscious patterns that have been sabotaging your progress and happiness in life. 

Deep Dive into yourself and discover the beauty depth of your soul essence. 

Live in growing inner calm, clarity, peace and self acceptance.

*used within 6 months for in-depth inner exploration and resolution of long-standing issues.

Birth the Original Essential You 

in 9 Months of 

Transformational Counselling

72 Hours / $25,997

Align with the Infinite Source of all creation. Rebirth yourself. 

Discover your inner resources, unique treasures and sacred soul purpose in this life. 

Move beyond limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, overwhelming relationship conflicts and ongoing situational restrictions to align with your authentic self.

Connect with your soul essence and its Infinite Source of strength, power, peace and deep love to live the life you are meant for in Reality.

*used within one year of your start date.


Kickstart Your Transformation!

Resolve an issue that’s keeping you stuck in any area of life, such as health, finances, career, or relationships. Let go of feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, emptiness, and loneliness, and live a life filled with love, peace, and deep contentment.

6 X's 2-hour sessions / $1,997 CAD + HST

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Family sessions are typically suited for a small group of 3-5 individuals together. While one family member may be the focus of a problem or issue,  every member of the family is entangled in the difficult dynamic and part of the solution.Each family member will be seen, heard, affirmed and receive healing. Let love flow in your family as you free yourself from the entanglements of the past and present.

Each session will require a minimum of 2 hours or more as needed. The session appointments will be spaced out as agreed upon by all participants to allow time for integration of the healing movements in each session.

All packages may be paid in full through e-transfers, direct debit or credit card. Installment plans are available upon request.

**Any Family Soul package can be used in conjunction with any individual package above. In many cases this combination is encouraged to facilitate efficiency in family conflict resolution.

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Crisis Resolution

8 Hours / $3,000 + HST ($375/hour)

*Used in upto 2 months

Resolve a specific and immediate crisis causing conflict in your family to gain consensus and move forward together.

Use this short term package to get resolution quickly. 

Complex Conflict

16 Hours / $5,850 + HST 

*Used in upto 4 months 

Resolve a complex family issue that's been simmering under the surface of your relationships.

Take time to listen to each member of the family. Gain insight and compassion for varying perspectives, heal resentments and let the love flow freely in your family. 

Generational Resolution

24 Hours / $8,400 + HST 

*Used in upto 6 months

Delve deep into longstanding and unhealthy patterns in your immediate and ancestral family soul. 

Take time to untangle, heal and permanently resolve deep rooted generational resentments and conflicts. 

Bring ease and harmony to your family relationships and let love flow in your family and legacy for future generations. 


"She guides you to the root of your problems"

Ambreen is incredibly attentive and involved in each session. She guides you to the root of your problem and helps you to confront it and begin to heal without pressure or discomfort. I feel better each time I go

- Nich - 


"I was able to unlock and release traumas I held since childhood"

Prior to seeing Ambreen, I had been depressed for a long time - without realizing it. 

With Ambreen's help, I was able to unlock and release traumas I had held since my childhood, including something I had never shared with anyone. 

Over a period of 6 months, meeting with Ambreen weekly helped me tremendously with my healing.

She has the ability to go deep within and has a kind and compassionate soul. 

If you are looking to heal past trauma, I would recommend her services in a heartbeat!

- Andrew F -