III - Passion Filled Intentions

autumn equinox innerpassion september soultosoul soultosoulcounselling Sep 22, 2022

“Plant so you own heart will grow.” // Hafez

Energy follows intention. The Autumn Equinox is upon us today September 22, 2022.

For those tuned into numerology and who notice repeating numbers in the environment, this date in and of itself is eye-catching. In adding up the single digits 9+2+2+2+2+2 we arrive at 19. September is the ninth month and the “invisible” number 9 which added or multiplied with any other number reduces back to that number. So 19 becomes 1+9 =10 = 1+0=1. The number 1 stands for the individual, self actualization and soul’s unique expression in the world. This equinox is an ideal day to commit to yourself and your unique soul essence which is here to actualize and express itself through you in this life.

The Autumn Equinox also heralds one of the four yearly crests of universal energy experienced in two equinoxes and two solstices. It is possible for all of us to harness these surges of energy and use them as rocket fuel to manifest our own intentions, desires and focused passions. The process can be as simple or as detailed and laden with ritual as you desire. The focus is you.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, especially in this part of the world where nature transforms itself so openly and beautifully like theatre in the natural landscape. If we follow this example and align with this natural movement in the external landscape, we allow ourselves to shift and transform in the ways we are naturally inclined to complete our own mission in this earthly life. Just as the acorn is destined to become the oak tree, we too can blossom into the fullness of our being, if we relax, surrender and allow the inner movements of the soul to organically guide us.Then, the beauty of our own life and being gently flowers to become what it is meant to be inherently. Just allow.

Attend to the one within. Get quiet. Allow your awareness to focus with attention to your body, mind (thoughts and feelings) and let your awareness follow your slow, deep breaths into the depths of your deeper essence. The spark of divine light which connects to Source beckons us into the inner landscape of our soul to connect with the guidance within.

Find some time at the end of your day to cleanse your body and mind in the ways that are comfortable for you. Sit in silence even if it’s for five minutes and set an intention to release all that you no longer need. You may name specific emotions, memories, thoughts, physical issues and anything else, or just hold the intention to release what has stopped serving your highest and best interest. You may choose to write these things down in your journal.

Once your release is completely exhausted, hold the intention “I allow” and name your goals, desires, needs, wants and wishes for yourself. Again, you can write these things down with pen and paper. Physical handwriting allows a manifestation of the idea or energy we hold in our consciousness to be translated into material form.

Now sit in gratitude a few moments longer for all that is already in support of you and your life. Start with basics like the breath of life flowing through you.Watch the seeds of your intentions blossom and materialize in some way by winter solstice.

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