New Decade: Time to Make a Change

healing Mar 11, 2021

So it’s 2020. A new year; a new decade. You resolve to  begin afresh, recommit to abandoned goals and desires. Barely do you venture forth when the old problems, old wounds, old emotions and thought patterns impinge on the endeavour. January reality check. Even if you managed to put internal burdens down for Christmas and holiday season festivities; like a faithful shadow, the past automatically follows you into the New Year.

Even the most earnest resolutions and intentions only last so long — a few days, weeks, and often we don’t make it to February with our new year resolutions intact. It’s discouraging and debilitating. The conscious mind has good intentions but the unconscious mind  is determinedly running our lives according to outdated defensive programs resulting from our past traumatic experiences or those inherited from our ancestors.

The reptilian brain is about survival; it is powerful and committed to its job. However, ‘survival by repression’ of old wounds actually amounts to self oppression. Maintaining an often deadening status quo in our lives, in an effort to function, albeit superficially, blocks our best intentions to be at ease within ourselves. The resulting feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger or overwhelm due to an incessant issue can serve as impetus to move toward personal liberation.

If we aim to thrive in our lives, we must engage  in a cleansing of the mind and spirit as well as the physical body. Often we live with confusion and overwhelm, unclear as to why we are experiencing a particular problem. Careful exploration of what we have stored in the nooks and crannies of our unconscious mind provides a worthy adventure into our inner landscape.The soul has its treasures to reveal and blessings to bestow upon the daring traveller. 

Imagine this is the year you unveil the mysteries of your own depths. Like the hero of your imaginings you wander into yourself, tame the inner demons who are waiting for the light of your attention, recover the buried treasures within and embark on your life journey inspired, reinvigorated  and renewed. What if you grab ahold of your passions, dreams and ambitions this new year and dedicate your life’s quest to making them come true? If you should make such a decision, I am here to serve as the guide and mentor on your extraordinary adventure.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring your most pressing issue, along with your heart’s desire for yourself and your life; together we will get to the core of the problem and resolve it at the source so that you are free to live your fulfilling life.

Warm Regards,
Nur Ambreen Ihsanullah

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