Return to the One in You!

Nov 18, 2022

We yearn for the the Love which will fulfill us, allow us to feel whole and complete, experience the deep peace, freedom and joy of our imagining. We follow the teachings of our society; the expectations inherent in the systems, institutions and culture in which we live. We conform, comply, even contort to achieve and meet external demands yet the comfort, contentment and confidence we seek often eludes us. Real happiness appears to be unattainable —an illusion.

This physical world, promises to fulfill our deep yearnings with material gains which often lead to disillusion, disappointment and despair for many. Even those we perceive as successful by worldly standards often experience emptiness deep within.Transversing the external landscape of this world is like walking endlessly in the desert with no oasis in sight to provide rest, recuperation and nourishment.

The stories of prophets and spiritual seekers of old conjure up images of long journeys through the merciless desert, fighting inner demons to reach the promised land, the oasis, the quintessential heaven on earth as we imagine it. Yet, the physical oasis with its respite of lush green, fresh waters and sweet dates is only a temporal relief from the trials of this life.

The external world in which live and focus on so intensely, is like the desert. We are walking thirsty through the endless sands looking for the oasis with running streams of fresh water which will nourish us. The true garden lies deep within our inner landscape. Travelling within we are able to rest, reflect and remember ourselves, our singular beauty and hidden treasures. The inner world of our soul connected to God, comes into focus in the oasis garden within us. We are able to realize heaven on earth when we connect with this infinite part of ourselves.

The synergy of Soul to Soul therapy allows you to deep dive into yourself and uncover the depths of your singular soul’s light connected to Source. When you are connected to your own unique beauty, soul guidance and hidden treasures, you will live in love, fulfilled and truly free.

Return to the root of the root of the root, of your own soul. - Rumi


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