Soulful Awakening: Delving into the Spiritual Riches of the Season

Apr 03, 2024

Dear Seeker,

This is the moment of rebirth, resurrection, rejuvenation and reunion. In March, Spring Equinox heralded, the rebirth of the natural life cycle on earth following a long winter of rest.

Followers of the Abrahamic religions also commemorate this time of spiritual awakening.

For Christians, Easter is the last weekend of March this year and celebrates the resurrection of life after death for human beings.

For Jews, Passover in later April this year, celebrates the preservation of human life in the wake of destructive forces, particularly a punishing death.

The month of Ramadan, spanning March and April this year, offers the opportunity for Muslims to focus on the rejuvenation of their inner spiritual life while still in physical human form. In this month the focus shifts from the material external world to an internal focus, deepening soul connection with the One, the Infinite Source of all life.

The Eid ul Fitr celebration at the end of the month of fasting is an opportunity for deep gratitude.

This intense focus on the power of the metaphysical within physical earthly forms is alchemical in nature. The energy available for inner transformation at this time of year, is truly a potent opportunity for those who are ready to grow beyond their human, physical and psychological limitations and expand into the realms of the Infinite within.

The spark of Divine light, buried like a hidden treasure within the human being, is our connection to the Infinite. If we take time to commune in quiet and stillness with our deepest self, we open to the wisdom, guidance and  resources contained within us for this earthly journey. If you are ready to commit to yourself, the love, freedom and peace that are your birthright, all you need is waiting for you on the inside!

A you ready to live your Happily Ever After?

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